Tommaso Trillò | ESR 2

University of Lodz



I am Tommaso Trillò, I am based in Lodz, Poland, and I am working on digital media and the production of cultures of gender equality in Europe.

This means that I study what institutions, civil society organizations, and private citizens say about gender equality on Twitter and Facebook to find out if (1) European culture is “a culture of gender equality” and (2) what this “culture of gender equality” looks like. To do so, I will study what is said about gender equality at the EU and the Italian national levels. Studying the former, I hope to find out what cultural norms are promoted by the EU and its institutions in the field of gender equality. I will then compare what I find out with a similar work at the Italian national level. In practice, I will look at what is said about gender equality by people and institution in positions of power (like the Twitter profiles of the Femm Committee of the European Parliament or the Italian office for anti-discrimination – UNAR), and also see how people interact with them (for example, by checking how private citizens use hashtags such as #EUGender or #UnioniCivili). I will devote particular attention to understand what EU-level norms manage to make their way into national discussions, also trying to explain why this is the case.

I have a background in Political Sciences, and I hold a graduate degree in Migration Studies. Gender issues have been my topic of interest since my second year in undergrad studies, winning me the nickname of ‘the gender guy’ in more than one social group. When I am not working to expose the patriarchy and its detrimental effects on everyone’s life, I like watching TV series, cooking, and practicing sports. I am now watching the first season of Better Call Saul, mastering the use of paprika in vegetarian recipes, and enjoying being an incredibly awkward beginner at Capoeira. I live transnationally across the Polish-Lithuanian border, spending most of my free-time with my partner in Vilnius.