Raluca Pinzari | ESR 5

University of Oviedo







My academic journey started some years ago in my hometown, where I studied English and Romanian language and literature, majoring in postmodern literature. Then I continued my studies by pursuing an MA in Translation Studies focusing on feminist translation. I began a teaching career and I discovered a large variety of European projects that suited my areas of interest: methodology, evaluation, project management, and counselling adult women.

My interest in gender studies kept growing throughout the years and one cold, rainy day brought me this Marie Curie grant. My project is part of the second workpackage focusing on urban cultures within the GRACE project and it sets out as a cultural study that explores the role of laughter and humour as performance and urban experience and it aims to engage the ways in which it mediates gender roles in mixed groups of citizens through the perspective of young women and in what ways it delivers new subjectivities in urban culture. My intention is to examine such types of performance in the contemporary (2016- 2019) urban spaces in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Spain and employ cultural, artistic and visual manifestations of urban culture represented on public streets.