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The GRACE Smartphone App Design Group is pleased to announce that Quotidian, the GRACE Project smartphone app, will be launched on International Women’s Day at the Project’s final conference  in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Quotidian is an interactive and multisensorial app that provides users with intersectional feminist quotes from all around the world. It was developed through a participatory design involving the communities in which the GRACE researchers are embedded. Ideas were gathered from the bottom-up, leading to the development of the app concept, of a first prototype, and a growing collection of quotes.

“Building that first prototype was how we started to design not only the software itself, but our own inclusive design process. We initiated two red threads that we have intertwined through our work on this project, the material dimension of coded ideas in physical form and the discursive dimension of our own critical community autoethnography of the process.” Athena DigiGRACEr Orlando/Hull

“The work on the development of the GRACE mobile app has been a very challenging, yet interesting experience. What has impressed me most, was the fact that our team kept on working on it for more that 2.5 years, consequently and successfully with great engagement. We managed to overcome difficulties of ‘translation’ practices between our personal and academic idea(l)s, across different languages, across space and very different working cultures”. Zuzanna, DigiGRACEr Lodz/Orlando

Quotidian incorporates feminist principles in ethics, theory, and technology, embracing the tension between the ideal (what a perfect feminist app would look like) and the practical (what needs to be done in order to develop a functioning smartphone app). The process was not without obstacles, but it was filled with moments of unexpected connections and discoveries between ideas, people, and places.

“The GRACE App development has given us the opportunity to engage in a concrete and collaborative project which represented a counterpart to our often rather abstract and individual research endeavours. With my investigation focusing on apps, the teamwork and presentations at the GRACE training schools provided me with valuable platforms to exchange ideas and translate my theoretical knowledge into a hands-on project.” Johanna, DigiGRACEr Granada/Bologna

The final version of the app was developed with the technical support of the Oviedo-based IT development company Sentido Común, the skills of Lodz-based graphic designer Justyna Balczewska, and the invaluable contribution of the Bologna-based curators of the quote archive Elena Kollin and Elizabeth Cucco.

“I think we have been very effective as a team maintaining the transparency of the process and communicating with others while keeping a feminist ethos at the core of it. Collaborative work, consensus building and non-hierarchical decision making have been central in this process, as well as working together as an interdisciplinary team in which everyone brought their own expertise into it, so each of us were a valuable part of the process, contributing in different ways to the final project.” Paola, DigiGRACEr Oviedo/Hull

Quotidian is based on an ethic of inclusion, manifest in the content and embodied by the users. Quotidian carries the voices of a diverse range of feminisms, and offers the user the opportunity to add their own, through intuitive, accessible, and responsive design. Quotidian is an example of ICT done otherwise, exploring the possibilities of community sourced, participatory alternatives to neoliberal and market-oriented internet technologies development

“Since the very beginning, we were very clear about the principles we wanted to embed in the app. We decided to aim for something with the potential to move people and build communities rather than something that could be consumed and discarded within hours. We chose to affective rather than effective.” Tommaso, DigiGRACEr Lodz/Orlando

We hope that you’ll have fun discovering and contributing to Quotidian’s collection of quotes,

Athena, Johanna, Paola, Tommaso, and Zuzanna