Project Description

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks


Our main questions:

How have cultures of equality been produced, embodied, objectified and visualised in art, media, material and popular culture, as well as ‘official’ discourse in Europe?
How might cultures of equality in Europe be produced and performed differently?
In what ways do changing and contested cultural productions shape and constrain people’s awareness about, perceptions of, responses to and deployments of equality discourses within specific social contexts?

Our sites of culture of equality

urban cultures of gender equality
employing cultures of gender equality
intellectual and activist cultures of gender equality
textual and artistic cultures of gender equality
mediated cultures of gender equality

GRACE is designed to:

  • Equipthe next generation of ESRs to play a leading role in developing advanced techniques for investigating the production of cultures of gender equality
  • Translatecreative and critical capacities into into innovative cultural practices within and beyond academia
  • enableESRs to take up positions as experts in producing new gender equalities cultures


Five specific sites where cultures of gender equalities are produced and contested by differently situated social agents