Orianna Calderon | ESR 13









I graduated in Communication Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and completed the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme GEMMA (Gender and Women’s Studies) at the Universities of Granada (Spain) and Bologna (Italy). I also specialized in Film and Audiovisual Production at the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica in Mexico City. Being a feminist cinephile, I conceive feminist film theory and praxis as a toolbox to make visible the invisible power mechanisms in cinema, create con-texts where to re-think audiovisual discourses, and re-learn how to see from a situated and resistant gaze.

In my GRACE research, I depart from the idea that documentary films can be analyzed as technologies of gender, i.e. artifacts and sites where the sociocultural practices, discourses and institutions devoted to the production of women, men and cultures of in/equalities, are (re)produced and/or contested both, within the film text and in the contexts where these films are produced and exhibited. I’ll carry out a feminist critical film analysis that takes into account form, content, production and reception of a sample of contemporary non-fiction cinema produced in Spain and Italy. And throughout this analysis, I will look for intersections between: the conceptualization of narrativity and the gaze in feminist film theory on the one hand, and documentary cinema modes of representation (expository, observational, participatory, poetic, reflexive and performative) on the other hand.

What can a feminist film analysis of various “creative treatments of reality” tell us about our fe/male, de/colonial and inappropriate/d gazes? What kind of gendered subjectivities and cultures of in/equalities is contemporary documentary cinema (re)producing?

Email: orianna[at]correo.ugr.es