Moving Foward – Public Screening in Hull

First Public Screening of the short Film ‘Moving Moments’ concludes the event series ‘The Conversation Continues’

Moving Foward – Public Screening in Hull

On the 16th of January 2019, the event series ‘The Conversation Continues’ came to an end with the final intervention entitled ‘Moving Forward’.

Hosted by the legendary New Adelphi Club in Hull, the event ‘Moving forward’ featured first public screening of the short film ‘Moving Moments’, a filmic interpretation of the research project ‘Gendering Cities of Culture’. The event was supported by word warrior and spoken word artist Michelle Dee and the musical duo Isaac & Rebecca Draper.

Before going internationally to the exhibition ‘Footnotes of Equality’ at Casco Art Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the short film ‘Moving Moments’ was released in Hull from which it originates. ‘Moving Moments’ highlights experiences and perceptions of residents of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire regarding the celebrations of UK City of Culture in 2017. On a sonic level the film narratives builds from interview statements gathered for the purpose of the research project. The visual narrative developed through the community dance project ‘Moving Moments’. Playing with the symbol of confetti, the film questions what happens when the colorful snippets of paper land on the ground.

Special Thanks goes to Andrew Quinn for technical support, all the performers and strong audience of up to 40 participants.

Further details and the film can be found under the following link:

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