Lieke Hettinga | ESR 10

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Hi there! I’m Lieke. I did my undergraduate at University College Maastricht, with a focus on Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies. After a stint of sociology at the New School for Social Research in New York, I finished a research MA in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. During and alongside my studies I’ve also had a little career as a bike messenger, sprinting through cities and hills to deliver packages. My academic research has always been informed by my personal and political experiences with queer culture and activism, and my current research continues to reflect this interest. I’m always on the lookout for inspiring performance and visual art, queer culture that goes beyond identity politics, feminist communities, and rad bike rides.

As a GRACE researcher, I am looking at how scholars, artists, and activists put forth new understandings of gender and the body, with a specific focus on the intersections of disability, gender, and queerness. I am interested in how our conception of politics might change if we focus on the vulnerability of the body instead of how marginalised bodies can assimilate into mainstream neoliberal culture. I will be working on this project at the Central European University in Budapest and at Utrecht University.