Johanna Levy | ESR 14



I am a trained molecular biologist, holding a diploma from the University of Vienna. Moreover, I studied Gender Studies and Gender and Development at the Universities of Vienna and FLACSO Ecuador. I also worked as a consultant in healthcare, focusing on organizational development and healthcare management in Austrian hospitals. My interest for gender perspectives on medicine, science and technology as well as feminist interventions in these areas brought me to my project within the GRACE program, which I carry out at the Universities of Granada and Bologna. In my research, I investigate mobile phone applications in the areas of health and healthcare in order to find out more about their influence on body images, patient-doctor relations and health behaviors. I am interested in their design and use, both by patients as well as healthcare professionals. Against the background of continuing inequalities concerning medical access and proper treatment due to sociocultural factors and understanding science and technology not as neutral fields, I consider it crucial to approach these issues from a perspective sensitive to categorizations such as gender, race and class. Email contact: johannalevy[at]