Wilmarie Rosado Pérez | ESR 11




My academic background is very interdisciplinary. I received my B.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico (2004), a J.D. from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico (2007), and a M.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and Modern, Post-Colonial and Comparative Literatures (2010/2012), from two universities in Europe: Universidad de Granada, Spain. My master’s research project focused on the ways in which gender theories can be translated into political praxis for LGBT social movements in Europe.


Besides my academic background, I spent three years working as a Law clerk in the Appellate Court of Puerto Rico, and two years as a private practice lawyer.  Also, I have worked on Pro-Bono cases providing legal services to women with financial hardship. If there is one thing that ties all of these fields and professional experiences together, it is my interest in women’s rights, literature and gender studies.


As an Early Stage Researcher on the EU-funded European Training Network ‘Grace: Gender and Cultures of Equality’ I work on the project The legacy of literary canons, European and beyond, as sites for the production of cultures of equality”. My research is aimed to explore, from a cross-disciplinary approach, the role of women’s poetry in Britain and in other European countries, such as Spain and Italy, between the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Century, with particular reference to texts that deal with experience of displacement and migration. I will search for connections between the ways in which women writers have denounced their particular gender condition in society and their experiences as migrant subjects or as witnesses of various forms of displacement.

Email: wilmarie.rosadopere2[at]unibo.it