Tegiye Birey | ESR 8

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For her undergraduate studies, Tegiye studied Women’s Studies and Political Science with a minor in French Studies at the University of New Hampshire. Jumping directly into graduate studies, she continued her focus on gender by acquiring a masters degree in Gender and Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Later, she paused her academic studies for some time to work in the field of refugee rights and engage in gender research. She has also conducted trainings on gender equality and has been a multi-issue activist on gender equality, migration, anti-militarism and ecology in Cyprus.

For GRACE, Tegiye works within the Work Package of Intellectual and Activist Cultures of Gender Equality on European Boundaries and the Production of Cultures of Equality. Her project involves understanding the dynamics of political conviviality of refugees and local activists and the potential of this encounter in producing a culture of equality that is based on freedom rather than conformity and normativity. She works within the frameworks of critical perspectives on citizenship, postcolonial feminism and politics of resistance.

Email: birey_tegiye[at]phd.ceu.edu