Graduate Conference ‘In/equalities: Narrative & critique, resistance & solidarity’ @ CEU

The Gender Studies Department at Central European University, in cooperation with GRACE, is organizing the Graduate Conference on 3-5 May 2018 at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Graduate Conference ‘In/equalities: Narrative & critique, resistance & solidarity’ @ CEU

“Inequality” and “equality” have become central concepts in a wide range of domains engaged with struggles against injustice, from the structures of social movements, political and policy discourses, to activist practices, artistic productions, and academic inquiry, particularly in Gender Studies. With this conference, we aim to examine the cultural and political infrastructures and productions that underpin, enable, deploy, or contest ‘official’ discourses of equality in policy or legislative frameworks. In a context in which discourses of equality are often embedded in and supportive of projects of nationalism and quite sympathetic to neoliberal infrastructures of value, precarization and normalization, it is critical to investigate possibilities of addressing persisting injustices, and the varied forms such an address might take. How are in/equalities produced, narrated, performed, sustained, or contested? We use the themes of narrative & critique and resistance & solidarity, as avenues through which to formulate new investigations and conceptualizations of “in/equalities”.

Opening evening

‘Directing Feminist Documentaries’
Conversation with Isabel De Ocampo and Hanna Eichner

Moderator: Orianna Calderón

Keynote lectures

MADINA TLOSTANOVA: Decolonizing the Equality Discourse, or Who is More Equal an Others Today?
(Professor of Postcolonial Feminisms, Linkoping University)

NIKITA DHAWAN: Transnational Justice and Gendered Vulnerability: Feminist Politics and (Im)possible Solidarities
(Professor of Political Science/Political Theory and Gender Studies and Director of the Research Platform Gender Studies: “Identities – Discourses – Transformations” at the University of Innsbruck, Austria)

Feminist art exhibition

CHARISMATIC ORDINARINESS: New medium-based feminist perspectives in Hungary
Curator: Kata Oltai

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