GRACE Public Events Series #3 – Moving Moments @ Hull [updated w/pics!]

Dance your experiences and memories of 365 days of culture in Hull.

GRACE Public Events Series #3 – Moving Moments @ Hull [updated w/pics!]

Barbara Grabher (ESR3) at the University of Hull is inviting twenty citizens of Hull to dance their experiences and memories of 365 days of culture.

The community dance project ‘Moving Moments’ is the first intervention of the Hull-based event series ‘The Conversation Continues’ for 2018. ‘The Conversation continues’ serves as a creative translations of the research project ‘Gendering Cities of Culture’. Throughout 2017, Barbara Grabher explored in what way festivals, events and other activities address, consider and embed gender equality in Hull2017 and DSS2016EU. Concluding from the investigation, a three-day festival, temporary exhibitions or a yearlong mega-event potentially intervene in or contribute to communal values through the initiation of conversations. However, fostering, producing and embracing a culture of gender equality requires a continuation of these conversations.


Through three interventions, Barbara Grabher creates spaces for further discussion, critical reflection and creative expression about cultures of gender equality. Citizens, artists and academics are invited to explore through various creative mediums including as dance, film and performance.

The first intervention ‘Moving Moments’ takes place in collaboration with dance artist Tamar Draper. Through playful movements, twenty community dancers explore questions such as ‘What have you learned in 2017?,’ ‘What has challenged you to comprehend?’ or ‘Which memories will last?’. In two workshop sessions, dance movements are collectively explored and developed. These explorations are further performed in five locations in the city centre of Hull over the course of two days. Audio-visual artist Andrew Quinn documents these performances audio visually.

Beyond the experimentation with memories and movements, Moving Moments aims to create a ten-minute long film. Five sequences of two minutes structure the critical reflection on Hull’s celebration of UK City of Culture in 2017.

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