GRACE Public Event Series # 1 – Equality EVENTually @ Orlando

The first event in the GRACE Public Event Series is coming up in Bologna @ Orlando!
Join us for a discussion on cinema, social media, and alternative pedagogies with our researchers.

GRACE Public Event Series # 1 – Equality EVENTually @ Orlando

The aim of this cluster of events is to create a moment of engagement which renders the themes of our research tangible, usable, and applicable. We want to foster thought provoking dialogue with an event designed to involve dissemination and discussion combined with practical activities. We draw together several spaces of analysis and action, cultural space, digital space, and educational space. The event envisions one session per ESR, led by the ESR in question with assistance from the other ESRs at the event. The “Equality twitterstorm” session (Tommaso Trillò) will briefly discuss how inequality shapes access to visibility on Twitter and present the participants with different options to make a campaign visible despite Twitter’s constraints. The “Equality and transformative learning” session (Athena-Maria Enderstrein) will be an interactive toolbox building session where participants are invited to share experiences and principles for communicating knowledge and facilitating “learning”. At the “Looking for Equality – a response-able gaze toolbox” session (Orianna Calderòn) will discuss the concepts of countervisuality and the oppositional gaze, followed by a screening plus debate of a feminist Italian documentary film.

See you at Orlando!

2nd February 2018, 19:00 to 22:00
3nd February 2018, 10:00 to 13:00

Associazione Orlando. Ex Convento di Santa Cristina – Via del Piombo 5/7 Bologna


Looking for Equality. A Response-able Gaze Toolbox


2nd February 2018

19:00 to 22:00

The objective of this session is to share some feminist film theory tools with a non-academic audience, and to render them tangible through the analysis of two contemporary documentary films.


Presentation – 15 min.
Screening: Dalla testa ai piedi / From Head to Foot (2007, Simone Cangelosi, 28 min.)
Break – 30 min with snacks and drinks
Screening: Una nobile rivoluzione / A Noble Revolution (2014, S. Cangelosi, 83 min.)
Q&A with the filmmaker – 30 min.


Twitterstorm for Equality

3nd February 2018

10:00 to 11:30

“Twitterstorm for Equality” aims at establishing a moment of cooperation between the GRACE project and the local community of one of the cities hosting its researchers. It wishes to do so by opening a space of conversation between the theoretical knowledges produced through GRACE and the possible practical needs of civil society actors. The event will feature a short discussion of how inequality shapes access to visibility on Twitter.  Discussion will be followed by a skill-building exercise in which participants will share their experiences and possibly acquire new tools to make their social media campaigns visible despite Twitter’s constraints.

Equality and transformative learning

3nd February 2018

11:30 to 13:30

The objective of this session is to facilitate a dialogue and collection of perspectives around equality and transformative learning by drawing on the experiences and ideas of the Associazione Orlando and Bologna community members who participate. Recent research on gender equality work in Europe indicates the existence of an “equality mirage”, this is a disinterest in and resistance to issues of gender equality on the basis that equality has been achieved. This is particularly relevant in Italian context where a strong anti-gender movement is gaining influence based on erroneous claims that teachers are encouraging students undergo gender transitions. In response this workshop pivots around the question of how to facilitate equality oriented transformative learning in this context. This session is designed as a space of conversation and collaboration to explore the relationship between individual and social transformative learning, between the critique of hegemonic ideologies and the individual change through self-reflection.

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