GRACE Event Series #6 – MORE – Cultures of Equality @Hull

Barbara Grabher (ESR3) invites citizens, practitioners, artists and academics for an encounter and exchange in the final intervention of the event series ‘The Conversation Continues’.

GRACE Event Series #6 – MORE – Cultures of Equality @Hull

‘MORE – Cultures of Equality’ addresses conversations as an artistic practice. Departing from Stuart Halls considerations of culture as a net of relationships, this final intervention approaches cultures of gender equality with the aim of creating relationships through conversations. The intervention invites citizens, practitioners, artists and academics for an exchange on behalf and as well beyond their own individual gender equal practices. Artistic practices, social services, academic research and lived experiences overlap, intersect and stimulate each other in this communal exploration of cultures of gender equality in Hull.

The intervention uses the open space conversation technologies. In this open space, participants create and manage their own agenda guided by the central question ‘How do we build more cultures of equality in Hull?’ The subthemes, questions conversations are proposed, created and managed by the participants themselves. Through multiple parallel sessions, the complex topic of Cultures of Equality is broken down to smaller, personal encounters and conversations. Each discussion group documents key words, questions and other symbols addressed within the discussion and shares such considerations in a communal mind-map.

‘MORE – Cultures of Equality’ is taking place on the 21st of September (5-9pm) at Humber Street Gallery. The event is free but for logistical reasons, registration for participation is required.

Further information about the event, event series and related research project can be found here.


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