Filming Grace

How to use video production as a mode of inquiry to explore a wide range of questions, including those related to social difference and in/equalities? With the guidance of scholar, writer and filmmaker Frances Negrón-Muntaner, the fifteen GRACE researchers engaged with the audiovisual medium as a way of producing knowledge in itself, not just as an instrument to convey information. With the production of short videos, they illuminate and expand on issues that emerged through their research processes. The possibilities explored in these short films range from affective interviews with female boxers and anti-racist playwrights, to experimental juxtapositions of sounds and images that reveal contradictions, patterns of continuities and/or differences that matter.

Coordinators: Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University) and Orianna Calderón (GRACE Early Stage Researcher 13, University of Granada and University of Bologna)

Trailer edited by: Elisabetta Diorio

These videos are part of the Footnotes on Equality online exhibition

Saha/Field by Zerrin Cengiz, 2018
Whirl by Tegiye Birey and Rahme Veziroğlu, 2018
Moving Moments by Andrew Quinn, Barbara Grabher and Tamar Draper, 2018
Not Seeing Well: Notes on Feminist Ways of Seeing by Orianna Calderón, 2019
Blood and Data Flows by Johanna Levy, 2018
Interviews and Scenes from No Country for Black Women by Paola López, 2017
Ghostly Visions by Sara Verderi, 2018
Spaces of Equality by Athena-Maria Enderstein and Zuzanna Szutenberg, 2019
Fighting to Fight: Women in Boxing in the UK by Alejandra Benítez Silva and Andrew Quinn, 2019
*notes on accessibility by Lieke Hettinga, 2019
Deconstructing EU Equality Tweets by Tommaso Trillò, 2019
The Return of Feminist Dystopian Fiction by Eleanor Drage and Cosima Barzini, 2019
Utopia 2050 by Eleanor Drage and Julien Noguera, 2019