Eleanor Drage | ESR 12




I studied French and English literature at Edinburgh University, majoring in queer theory. After completing my Master of Arts with Honours, I worked with the French market at TransferWise, before becoming a one-woman digital marketing team at a London start-up. I briefly studied Digital Marketing at City University, before co-founding iberiko.com with Spanish friends, an e-commerce company selling Spanish Pata Negra products to UK consumers online, and also working for 50:50 Parliament, campaigning for equal representation in UK government. After experimenting with this mishmash of careers, I felt a calling to go back to gender theory. I spent some time (gently) harassing English literature faculty members at Edinburgh University to recommend me jobs in this field of study, and eventually a kind professor sent me the application for GRACE.

As GRACE researcher ESR12, I explore the intersections of race and gender in women’s Utopian/Dystopian science fiction, with a view to uncover new forms of humanism which make space for contemporary queer and transnational subjectivities. Exposure to inventive cultural productions in fictional voyages into possible worlds, allows for the transgression of conventional gender roles and may provide new lenses for the reception and deployment of official European equality discourses. As well as using printed fiction (with specific reference to critical dystopia and utopia) as primary texts in my research, I will analyse a range of media including music, TV series, and digital publications, which address inequality by bypassing traditional mechanisms. If you’re a SF fan and want to recommend me your favourite stories or authors who address issues of gender and/or race, get in touch: eleanordrage[at]hotmail.co.uk