University of Lodz

ESR 1 is researching ‘Print capitalism and the making of gender equality’ 
ESR 2 is researching‘The impact of ‘polymedia’ digital platforms on the production of cultures of equality’


University of LodzWithin the University of Lodz (Ośrodek Naukowo-Badawczy Problematyki Kobiet UŁ) this LLP will be working with the Women’s Studies Centre, founded by Professor Elżbieta H. Oleksy at the University of Lodz in Feb ruary 1992, being the first institution of this kind in Poland. It is one of the oldest Women’s Studies Centers in Eastern and Central Europe. Activities of the Women’s Studies Centre include: research on and teaching of women’s issues from interdisciplinary point of view (cultural anthropology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, literature, film, cultural and media studies) and organizing international conferences. Seminars and workshops, guest lectures, international conferences, as well as publications within the field of gender studies are addressed to the university community and the general public. The Women’s Studies Centre regularly cooperates with scholars and institutions from more than forty universities from the European Union and the United States within various international research and teaching projects. The Women’s Studies Centre conducts high academic quality MA courses (including tutoring) for European and international students. The Women’s Studies Centre administration officer provides national and international students and scholars in the field with information and assistance before, during as well as after their studying or research period at the University of Lodz.

Women's Studies CentreUniversity of Lodz
ul. Lindleya 5a
90-131 Lodz, Poland
tel. +48 42 635 42 58