Barbara Grabher | ESR 3

hullUniversity of Oviedo




I am a trained anthropologist, working in the intersection between critical history, geography and feminist studies. After my Bachelor Degree in social and cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna, I continued my academic path in the Erasmus Mundus Master programme GEMMA (Gender and Women’s Studies) at the University of Granada and Utrecht University. Next to my academic trainings, I worked in different museums and archives in Austria. After several internships, volunteer positions and minor contributions to exhibitions, I developed the research project “Gastarbeiter*innenroute: From the Past to the Present” in cooperation with the Vielfaltenarchiv in Austria. The project ended after two intense and insightful years – just in time to apply for the GRACE project.
In my research, I investigate urban ‘mega’ events and their potential to produce of a culture of Equality. I work comparatively in two fields: Kingston upon Hull (short: Hull), which is located in the Northeast of England, and Donostia/ San Sebastián, which is one of the major cities of the Basque Country and located in the North of Spain. In specific, Donostia/ San Sebastián in 2016 and Hull in 2017 are sites of such ‘mega’ events, as they hold the titles ‘European Capital of Culture’ and ‘UK City of Culture’ for the period of one year.

Through art, culture and heritage, the cities become the location of a year-long festival, which attempts to be a catalyst for change. My research focuses on the usage of cultural heritage as a tool to re-invent cities. In these transformational processes, I am curious in what way Gender is addressed in the culture of commemoration through heritage. I am going to investigate how the stories of the past shape the present of the city and create a still unknown future for its inhabitants.