Athena-Maria Enderstein | ESR15




I am Athena-Maria Enderstein. I started off studying psychology with the hope of learning how to read minds. Disappointed by the lack of actual mind-reading, but mostly because of a variety of patriarchy related factors, I decided to turn my energies to the more reasonable pursuit of changing the world. My equalities focus has been inspired by my involvement in the South African youth development organisation Project Ignition, researching masculinities, working with Sowilo and the Department of Social Development, and my experiences as a gender and diversity trainer. The people I have met through these adventures have led me to understand how gendered power relations, privilege and oppression interact as determinants of social inequalities. I refined this knowledge though the GEMMA European Masters in Women and Gender Studies, which equipped me with feminist analytical and conceptual skills. During this time I also co-founded the Hull University Hollaback! anti-street harassment campaign, participated in various leadership and training initiatives with Zero Generation, did some trainings on intersectionality and supervised a project on masculinities and generational fathering in Cape Town.

I am still working on the changing the world thing, currently practicing my transnational feminism as GRACE ESR15 working on Translating critical competencies into innovative cultural practices for employability and gender equality. I like using gender transformative approaches and emergent technologies in my research and I am interested in feminist methodologies as a means to blend theory and everyday praxis. If you have experiences, skills, or creative tools for equality building that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you – tweet me @gendertheens.